About us

Located at Parque das Nações ( Lisbon), in front of Justice Campus, our Law firm is based at Avenida do Atlântico - Panoramic Building

Led by founding member Dr. Eduardo Castro Verdelho, our working team is made up of a set of Senior Lawyers and Paralegals who work in several legal areas.

Therefore, the legal team is prepared to respond to any requests in the context of real estate law, commercial law, tax law, labour law, Civil law, criminal law, intellectual property (trademarks, patents), among others;

Our firm, bets in preventive Law Services by investing in a strategy of balanced and sustained growth and evolution

Our team has a deep understanding of the real estate sector and excellent technical expertise;

The partnership with international companies and the experience with foreign clients allows us to provide a range of legal services in various languages such as French, English, German or Spanish striving for quality and excellence;

Castro Verdelho & Associados - Law Firm seeks to provide the best and most effective services either through legal advice by email, telephone and/or in person at our headquarters;

Representing the best interests of our clients, we provide the reliability, confidence and legal certainty required always respecting the Portuguese and international laws.

This is why we have carried out a total of tracking legal support to our clients from simple legal query clarification to more solemn acts;